Get ready to feel “playful, sexy and tough,” Stieglitz is back with our creatives collaborations this time with the actress of the moment: Charlie Chan Dagelet.

Charlie is not only a passionate actress she is also our founder Pien’s best friend. They met on their studies in Seville, Spain. Here, they became life long friends - being mischievous and having fun, as any young women studying abroad in her early twenties should!

We caught up with Charlie, let’s dive into her mind for a bit…

What do you think of the collaboration with you and Stieglitz, why does the collection reflect you?

I am so freeeaaakking thrilled to do this collab with Pien. Not only because she is one of my best friends but also because I have seen Stieglitz grow since the first item Pien designed. How Pien translates her passion for people, love, adventures, living in the moment, sex, and her curiosity for everything that life can be into Stieglitz is what I find immensely inspiring. The collab we designed is a translation of what we are together: Comfort but make it playful, sexy and tough.

What inspires you?

Actually, anything can inspire me.
Nature, music, movies, theatre, my children, my friends and family. Everything that gives me a feeling, whether it be to laugh, be sad and even mad. If there is something that resonates with me, it can be a form of inspiration.

What's your connection to fashion?

For me, fashion is that you have the freedom to express yourself - even down to how you are feeling that particular day. There are days I wear hoodies and baggy tracksuits, days I only wear black and then days I feel more like wearing heels and lipstick. You can choose whether you want to be more introverted or more extroverted.

What do you want to "say" with your own style?

It isn’t determined by what, it really depends on how my mood is that day and if I feel comfortable. Some days I just take out of my closet what's on top and other days I'm more specific. It's not what you wear - it's how you wear it. You can wear a trainees with high heels or a big shirt on top of a mini skirt. Mix all kinds of colours together. It. Doesn't. Matterrrrrrr.

What's your biggest achievement?

I feel really really privileged that I make a living out of what I like to do the most. However, my biggest achievement in life is that I am truly blessed with all the people i am surrounded with. Sounds maybe very cheesy but that's really what it is - I can trust them! They keep me grounded, make me feel safe and make me laugh.

With everything that you have learnt in your career so far, what piece of advice would you give to our audience at Stieglitz?

Be kind, stay curious and don't take yourself too seriously all the time.

Now Charlie’s said it - you gotta wear it!

Our collaboration with Charlie Chan is now available online and in store.