Introducing Friends of Stieg

Dive into the vibrant world of Pien Stieglitz's closest confidants and brand ambassadors. Embark on a journey with us as we open the doors to the lives of these special individuals. Through this series, we delve into the homes of Pien's dearest friends and brand ambassadors, allowing their unique personalities to shine bright.

Join us as we explore their living spaces, where every corner tells a story of style and character. Witness firsthand how they infuse their personal flair into styling Stieg products, proving that with Pien's circle, mundane is never an option!

We will be sharing a series of questions, unveiling the deep bonds shared with Pien and discovering the driving forces behind their daily inspirations.

Meet Kat Klerks

Our series kicks off today, towards the end of March. In coinciding with International Women's Month, we wanted to hold space for our first Friend of Stieg: Kat Klerks. Nestled within the cosy, narrow streets of Jordaan, we step into Kat's abode adorned with bold whites and expansive spaces. Throughout are fragments of Kat's artistry, a newfound passion that has blossomed into a proud profession in recent years.

For those curious to experience Kat's artistry firsthand, be sure to visit her store located in the Jordaan at Hazenstraat 66, Amsterdam, for those of you who want to find out more about Kat, let’s continue with our interview…

By the years we saw each sometimes but our lives never really got connected until my best friend Nicole started dating Piens best friend. Now our lives are alike somehow. Our kids, our girlfriends, husbands and family have a place for each other and that is making everything better. We can talk for hours and laugh, smoke and drink like teenagers. Her mind and her endless creativity is giving me so much inspiration.

I love how she gives Stieglitz a stage and how she creates this crazy world for so many Stieglitz lovers. Half of Stieglitz is my style, the boyish items, the laid back vibe designs I like to combine with my boring black, grey, beige, jeans style. I am the type who wears a white t shirt and baggy jeans everyday, and she lights up some of these days with her stripes, colors and prints.

My biggest achievement is myself. And of course my kids and how they mirror me. I try to prepare them to be good people. I hope to become old and that i can say that’s my achievement.

I’m constantly trying to stay me, stay with my thoughts and feelings, to follow my heart whenever that’s allowed in life. I think that’s the best lesson you can give your kids, no matter what. I think that’s also what Pien and I share without saying.

I became an artist by accident a few years ago. I never knew I had it in me and it was when I was looking for an art piece for my home that I thought let’s try it myself. I’ve always been creative with my hands but never touched paint before. This got completely out of hand, and I’ve never not painted since. I don’t really see myself as an artist, but I hope this journey is not ending soon.

Our home is a reflection of our family. I don’t feel endless styled homes or new buildings. I can admire the aesthetics and forms of interior design, but I feel at home when your house is telling your story. We live in our home and I want the kids to feel free to move and do what they want, I think i need to be a little more strict, but that’s another story to tell ;)