At Stieglitz we love to travel to a new land, to see and get inspired by new things. What greets us every time is a world of celebration, community, colors and characters.

For each collection, our design team then translates this richness into hand-painted sketches and prints, and are eventually realized into the unique Stieglitz pieces that you know, by adding a retro feel and kitsch-ness of the 70’s into the mix.

Our creative team is there to literally paint the picture and to visualize and build the Stieglitz World behind our designs and collections. To us, creating a world around our collection, by creating beautiful images to share with you, is equally important as the design process. Through our experience of creating these images, we’re inviting you to wander with us through a world full of colors, fabrics, prints and craftmanship.

There is so much love in everything that we do, and we are excited to keep inspiring you.

We invite you to discover our SS22 Bossa Brasileira collection!