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Exclusive capsule collections with world's greatest talents

Stieglitz x Ruta Ibiza

We've got news, "Stieglitz X Ruta Ibiza" has arrived! Ruta is one of Ibizia's most influential fashion stores. Founded by Stephanie Grunberger, it's a vibrant sanctuary for celebrating uniqueness and the island party girl aesthetic.

Together, we delved into the captivating world of 80s magazines, embracing their bold colours, striking typography, and iconic cutouts. Drawing from this retro inspiration, we designed the ultimate summer statement collection that will make you feel insane.

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Dutch brands, Stieglitz and Anna + Nina, have joined creative forces and are proud to announce an exclusive collaboration. Pien Stieglitz, the mastermind behind her eponymous brand Stieglitz, and Anna de Lanoy Meijer and Nina Poot, founders of the renowned brand Anna + Nina, have a shared vision of true authenticity and empowerment through self- expression, which they brought into an unmissable co-creation. The result is ‘Hollands Glorie,’ a collection born of the brands’ pride in our Dutch heritage.

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A collaboration from the heart.

At Stieglitz empowering women is at the core of what we do. We choose collaborations that enrich this message and this next one is no exception.

We are so thrilled to announce our collaboration with Because We Carry. An Amsterdam based foundation supporting mums fleeing conflict. 


We've mixed our creativity again! Strength and color, that's what it's all about in this new collection. Eight items consisting of three matching sets and two bestsellers: a Skate Tee and a Mesh Dress that bring Rosa's illustrations to life in an eclectic way.

The collection contains several unique animals and flowers with a psychedelic touch from Rosa. It gives a first impression of the upcoming summer collection. Through the lens of photographer Sanja Marusic, women are invited to take a look at Stieglitz's surreal dream image.

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After the success of our first collaboration with the Dutch singer sensation Maan, we are proud to announce that a new Stieglitz x Maan capsule collection is here! 

Prepare yourself for, in Maan's words “a rock-solid collection. You are the foundation of everything you do so it’s important to believe in it 1000%.”

When we accept who we are, we become our authentic selves. This reflection and progression from Maan’s lyrics are fabricated within the pieces of this capsule collection. 

Dare to believe in yourself: be bold, brave and empower other women, all whilst wearing this piece: the future is female!



A capsule collection consisting of 5 pieces, that have been made with the love and dedication on an athlete.

"Besides ice-skating, I have a huge passion for fashion, something a lot of people don't know about me. From the very start I was excited to do this design collaboration with Stieglitz. For me Stieglitzs symbolizes the power that women radiate which we should all convey. I love bright, striking colours and this is exactly what you'll see in the collection. With pride I present Stieglitz x Suzanne Schulting, an eye-catching capsule collection!" - Suzanne Schulting


STIEGLITZ x Rosa de Weerd SS22

Due to the huge success last year, we decided to blend our creative minds once again, with the Amsterdam-based artist/illustrator. We're proud to present STIEGLITZ x Rosa de Weerd SS22.

"I was immediately inspired by all the colors and illustrative themes of the Bossa Brasileira collection! They seemed very dreamy and lively so it was a joy to incorporate that into the illustrations for this second collaboration with Stieglitz. My ultimate favorite is the Rocha suit, you’ll see me wearing it the rest of the year!"
 - Rosa de Weerd 

STIEGLITZ x Saheli Women SS22

We are back with our favorite female atelier: Saheli Women. Due to the great success last year, we’ve teamed up again with our talented female friends in our shared passion of female empowerment, fashion, and creativity. Together with Saheli Women, we designed a tailor-made dress in a new array of colors for the season.

Saheli Women is an Indian-based female atelier founded by Madhu Vaishnav in 2015, run in joint venture with the International Partnership for Human Development (IPHD). This non-profit social enterprise is established on fair and inclusive principles, with the aim to create employment for women in ethical fashion manufacturing to derive a sustainable livelihood that benefits themselves, their families and their communities.


At the beginning of this year, Stieglitz introduced STIEGLITZ CREATORS, which are exclusive capsule collections co-designed with world’s greatest talents, a true blend of creative minds. 
We’re excited to introduce our very first ever jewelry line, in collaboration with Felt. Our first exclusive STIEGLITZ CREATORS brand collaboration. 

Both STIEGLITZ and Felt are known for their bold and eclectic styles. That’s why this collaboration should not come as a surprise. It all started with a spontaneous idea from Felt co-owner/designer Maaike. Felt and Stieglitz co-designed earrings based on colors and prints from the STIEGLITZ AW21 Sicily - La Grande Famiglia collection - creating the Bella and Emilia: statement earrings with a recognizable cheetah print and aesthetically powerful black & red. Bella and Emilia are handmade by Felt with resin and durable stainless steel in their Amsterdam atelier.

STIEGLITZ x Miranda Makaroff 

We’re excited to introduce our 3rd exclusive STIEGLITZ CREATORS collaboration. This time we are taking you beyond the Dutch borders and went on a creative journey with Spanish artist Miranda Makaroff. She has edge, vision, confidence, and is all about female empowerment. Followed by the most famous people worldwide, she is the ultimate representation of what Stieglitz stands for and someone you all should know. Check her work out @mirandamakaroff

The love and match with Miranda was obvious. This collaboration literally took us across borders to Spain and pushed us to bring something completely different, yet very Stieglitz. Let us spice up and color your fall with this very special collaboration.

STIEGLITZ x Saheli Women SS21

Saheli Women is a Jaipur-based female atelier founded by Madhu Vaishnav in 2015, run in joint venture with the International Partnership for Human Development (IPHD). This non-profit social enterprise is established on fair and inclusive principles, with the aim to create employment for women in ethical fashion manufacturing to derive a sustainable livelihood that benefits themselves, their families and their communities.

’Saheli’, is the Hindi word for ‘female friend’. As female creatives, we at STIEGLITZ saw our shared passions in female empowerment, fashion, and creation. With the help of our talented female friends at Saheli Women, we sourced traditionally block-printed fabrics from India, and created a dream together. Discover the SARA DRESS, available in an array of colorful block-printed fabrics.

STIEGLITZ x Rosa de Weerd

Proud to present Stieglitz Creators: Exclusive capsule collections co-designed with world’s greatest talents. 

Let us introduce STIEGLITZ x Rosa de Weerd, a collection that blends the two creative minds of Creative Director Pien Stieglitz and Amsterdam-based artist/illustrator Rosa de Weerd.  

“I looked into the native flowers of India and did my own interpretation in lively watercolors. I had total freedom to create anything I wanted - as long as they're colorful. So that was an ideal starting point for me. The dress is my ultimate favorite item from the collection, it instantly puts a smile on my face and I’m sure I’ll be wearing it all summer long!” - Rosa de Weerd 


The print and the colors are inspired by the sunset, my favorite thing to stare at as I write my songs. This is why this collaboration is very personal to me. It makes me extremely proud to present this suit to all of you, together with Pien!” - Maan de Steenwinkel