How do you explain that mesmerizing instant connection? That almost addictive feeling like I experienced during a very first date?

That special fling, you instantly feel by just reading her name. That feeling sparked the inspiration for a new story and the design of the new collection. 

She’s not just a woman. She’s a city. She’s New Orleans!

And I wanted to know her.

This woman, 

Who is she? 

Is she strong?

Is she fierce? 

Is she sexy? 

Is she happy? 

I wanted to listen to her voice. And so we did, by interviewing and documenting their stories.

Let me introduce you to our new AW22 collection, inspired by a woman. I call her New Orleans. 

Feel her rhythm and enjoy the journey, folks! 

With love,  
Pien (Founder Stieglitz)

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