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birthplace of jazz

Let’s start our story about her, New Orleans, The Birthplace of Jazz. You’ll find her moving through the rhythm of the city. She dances to Jazz and plays music in shiny, eye-catching suits down on Bourbon Street. During the day she eats a classic Po’boy in comfortable, yet sexy styles at the French Quarter. A fierce woman who ‘s not afraid to stand out on her own terms.

Meet her through the very first drop of our AW22 collection: The Birthplace of Jazz.

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New Orleans, also known as Nola. She invites us for a trip on the Mississippi. She shows her crazy, happy, and fierce side, while dancing and rocking the Riverboat in flattering Flared Leggings with colorful art and cozy knits.

Hop on the Riverboat and get to know her, through Drop 2 NOLA of our AW22 collection.

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