We've mixed our creativity again! Strength and color, that's what it's all about in our new SS23 capsule collection. Eight items consisting of three matching sets and two bestsellers: a Skate Tee and a Mesh Dress that bring Rosa's illustrations to life in an eclectic way.

Inspired by the fantasies of a utopia, Stieglitz creates her own island for the summer of 2023: Stieglitz Island! A colourful world that tells Stieglitz's message: a magical place where everyone can lose themselves, a place where you can be who you want to be!

In the words of Pien: “We asked Rosa to visualize the magic of Stieglitz Island. As the previous collection has shown, her flowers are unique, detailed and most importantly: powerful and colourful! It was only logical to let her design the nature of our magical place. The prints completely suit us and from the start Rosa has had a clear feeling on how she can embody Stieglitz. Working together is great, so I knew immediately after the first collection that we would work together more often. It just feels right!”

The collection contains several unique animals and flowers with a psychedelic touch from Rosa. It gives a first impression of the upcoming summer collection. Through the lens of photographer Sanja Marusic, women are invited to take a look at Stieglitz's surreal dream image.

After a very successful collaboration in 2022, Stieglitz is excited to proudly present this collection with Rosa de Weerd!

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