Tyonna, 26 @_muvvaoftwo

What does New Orleans mean to you?
New Orleans for me is home and a city of opportunities. There's a lot of job opportunities, you can be a local rapper, artist, or dancer. You can be anything you want.

What's your dream?
My dream is a bit different perhaps, because I would like to become a nurse and help a lot of people here in New Orleans. I see a lot of homeless people in my city. I want to be able to help these people with their problems.

What is your very first memory thinking about New Orleans?
The people, the food. OMG this is New Orleans.Bourbons street was my first amazing experience. It’s a lot of fun.

If New Orleans would be an animal, Which animal would it be?
A lion. It’s a fierce city.

What are you most proud of?
The city raised me to go hard for what I want in life. I’m a go-getter. It made me a workaholic, because there are a lot of job opportunities. 

What’s your favorite song if you think about New Orleans?

We remix everything! I listen to New Orleans R & B. We mix a lot of songs! My grandmother also raised us with blues music like Johnnie Taylor and Bobby Blue Band.

Irvion, 26 @iirviion

What's your favorite color?
I would think of  three colors. The colors purple, gold and green! Because it reminds me of Mardi Gras and it's the best thing ever! We are able to dress up with different people and we’re all part of something big. It's so much fun!

How did you grow up?
I grew uptown in the city and then we moved around,  but I came back!

What are you most proud of?
The way I think and care for myself. I’m very logical when it comes to thinking.

If New Orleans would be an animal? Which animal would it be?
It would be a  bird. When you come here, you’re basically free. You're free to party and to have fun. There’s always something to do. Always.

What’s  your style?
My style would be street, not basic, but elegant and classy. I would call it flashy, and flamboyant!