Imagine yourself arriving at the doorsteps of a 17th century canal house on one of the most idyllic backdrops of the Amsterdam canals. You have just received the key to Stieglitz’ top level penthouse apartment and as you open the door you gaze into a tall staircase, inviting you to explore what’s on the other end. Like Alice, tumbling down a rabbit hole, you are immersed in a wonderland created by the extraordinary mind of a woman with a passion for storytelling…welcome to the first Stieglitz-Suite.


Designer duo pur sang, Pien Stieglitz and her fiancé Sam, turn their wildest dreams into reality. They have combined the inspiration gained from travelling across the world with fashion and interior design. Their biggest dream is to design one of a kind, signature Stieglitz suites in their favourite places on earth. Each suite will embody a sweet memory from one of their most memorable trips, a memory visitors can relive through the design and ambiance of the suite. Entering a Stieglitz-Suite is like immersing into an eccentric space that dazzles as much as it inspires.

Amsterdam is one of the greatest smaller cities in the world. Born and raised in the city center, Stieglitz has mapped out all her favourite places to eat, drink or explore. The suite is located in the ♥ of the city, which makes it the perfect place to explore the neighbourhood on foot or by bike. Forget the usual, Stieglitz will tell you what’s really going on!


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