Care with love

You want your clothes to last as long as possible, and what contributes most to that is washing your clothes in the right way. From sweaters to jeans, each clothing item has its own set of instructions. In this blog, we will teach you everything about laundry instructions. That way, you can enjoy your favorite items for years to come.

The basics

We begin by avoiding the use of a dryer for all your clothing. A dryer is harsh on fabrics, it can cause fabrics to shrink, loose shape and colors or even tear. By air drying clothes you can help maintain their quality and the environment.

Next to this always wash your colored items together with similar colors. That means no dark colors with lighter colors like light pinks and whites.

Cotton care

Cotton is know for its comfort and breathability. We use cotton in many garments like t-shirts, longsleeves and sweaters. To keep them looking their best we have some low maintenance care instructions.

⭐ Machine wash 30 degrees, to prevent shrinkage.
⭐ Use a gentle detergent and avoid bleach.
⭐ Iron on a medium setting if necessary.


Knitwear is delicate and needs love and care. Its soft and cozy and we love our woolen sweaters, spencers and more. First and foremost, wash wool with wool! Don't put other garments in your washing machine like jeans, the stiff fabric and zippers can damage woolen items.

⭐ Hand wash or use a gentle cycle in cold water.
⭐ Lay flat to dry, hanging may cause stretching.
⭐ Use a soft special wool detergent.

Does your garment show some signs of pilling? It's inevitable that woolen garments will experience some pilling over time. We recommend using fabric shaver.

Synthetic Fabrics

We use synthetic fabrics like polyester and nylon because of their versatility, durability and ease of care.

⭐ Wash with a gentle detergent.
⭐ Avoid ironing at high temperatures to prevent melting or damage.

Ecovero Viscose

Viscose fabrics require a gentle approach because of its delicate nature. The nature of the fabric is that it can shrink in the washing machine. When your garment is still wet stretch it back in shape by pulling on the wet fabric.

⭐ Opt for a gentle cycle and use a mild detergent.
⭐ Do not use bleach.
⭐ Iron on a low heat, preferably when still slightly damp. This can also help with stretching it back in shape.

By following our care instructions you can ensure that your Stieglitz clothing maintain their quality for years to come. Keep in mind, caring for your garments appropriately not only extends their lifespan but also supports sustainable fashion.