Our Mother Earth is the source of all life. In order to produce, we have to take from her. Stieglitz’s goal is to become Earth neutral, meaning that we take away only what we can give back to her. However, our ultimate desire and long term goal is to become Earth positive; by giving back more to Mother Nature then what we have taken away from her.

WHAT we have done well

100% of our labels and tags are made out of recycled materials

suppliers are committed
to ensure responsible

We work with GOTS, OCS & OEKO TEX Standard 100 certified suppliers

We replaced 92% of the generic viscose with LENZING™, ECOVERO™ and recycled viscose

WHAT we can do better

Digitize more steps in our workflow and reduce paper use at our HQ

Switch from organic cotton to recycled cotton by SS24

Reduce water use in our supply chain