Every workday in our office feels like a true joy. It's filled with new ideas and ambitious plans. We work hard, but we also laugh just as hard. I'm always brimming with inspiration, and together with my team, we turn dreams into reality. Our office truly feels like my second home. Today, I'll take you along for a day at the office with the Stieglitz fam!

Inspiring Mornings

If I don't have meetings, I usually drive into our street around 10am in my yellow Stieglitz jeep. The team can always hear my jeep coming from afar.

After warmly greeting everyone, it's time for coffee. I have a slight addiction to caramel coffee with oat milk, and this morning is no exception. Then it's time to get to work. I usually start the day with the design team. We discuss the collections they are working on. Most of what they are working on won't hit the stores until next year! We look at hand-painted colorful prints, a sweater with a new cut, and countless colour combinations. The ideas never run out. Together with my team, we manage to bring something completely new to each collection. I'm incredibly proud of that!

The Highlight of our day

At 12:00, our stomachs start growling, so it's time for lunch! The table is filled with a lot of delicious treats like salads, avocado, burrata, and smoked salmon. We have lunch together every day, and it's always a super fun moment within our day. We share all sorts of things, from what we're going to do over the weekend to juicy gossip ;). I really want the office to feel like a safe space where you can be yourself, and having a regular lunch moment really helps with that.

Make it big

Throughout the day, we often have meetings in the office. These meetings can be about anything. I always have new ideas that I want to dive into right away. Fortunately, I have a flexible team that is just as enthusiastic and always willing to brainstorm with me.

In the afternoon, I often check in with the marketing team and provide feedback on the content they've created that day. This can be Instagram posts, advertisements, or photo material from a shoot. Stieglitz has a unique online style, which sets us apart from other fashion brands. So, it's important to me that everything looks perfect before it goes out into the world.

Furthermore, I'm constantly monitoring how sales are going throughout the day. I want to know which items are selling the most online and which stores are performing the best in terms of selling my clothing. And I'm always interested in collaborating with new brands and stores. I want to make Stieglitz big!

You can tell that on an average office day, things go in all directions. It might seem chaotic, but my Stieg family and I embrace this chaos. A typical and serious office atmosphere is just not for me. I want to create an inspiring and vibrant energy in which my brand can grow. Our office holds a special place in my heart, and it will remain that way forever <3