We believe in the power of the people, the power of women. Creators who birth ideas with deep rooted cultural heritage. Leaving a garment that travels through the hands of women with commonality and a shared purpose. Together we are Stieglitz. 


We are implementing a due diligence process in every aspect of our workflow

Stieglitz is of women, by women and for women

Tier 1 suppliers have been audited for providing safe & fair working environment

Stieglitz is a proudly female-lead company

We donate garments to Elance Academy

what we can do better

Get detailed insights into the wage levels at our Tier 1-4 suppliers

Create a plan of action to achieve living wages for our garment workers by 2025

BSCI audit as a requirement for all suppliers by 2024

Educate our team and community about sustainability in fashion

Give back more