Hi guys, we are already deep into the first month of 2024! Our SS24 collection is coming up really quick… But first, let’s look back on last year. 

We started the year on Stieglitz island. A magical place filled with creativity and imagination. This fantasy paradise was the perfect place to showcase our fabulous summer pieces. The collection launched with our first collab of the year: Rosa de Weerd 3.0. We started and ended our year with this creative. Weerd is a Stieg fav, through our audience and our team.

But we teamed  up with a lot more powerful women this year. We made beautiful bags with ‘because we carry’. An organization that supports moms on the run. We felt so much love making these bags with these strong and inspiring women. A collaboration from the heart!

From Holland to Ibiza

We also made an amazing collection called ‘Hollandse Glorie’ with Anna+Nina. Just like Stieglitz, Anna+Nina is a female-led brand that takes pride in their Dutch heritage. The result: fun and colorful pieces that were filled with symbols of our love.

And last but certainly not least, the party collection we made together with Ruta Ibiza. Every item was filled with 80s magazines and bold colors. And we’re still dreaming of these hot&sexy campaign images ;)

Ayyyy, time for some coziness 

Summer was coming to an end and we were entering our next destination: the Scottish Highlands. Giving major cozy and outdoorsy vibes, we knew this was going to be the perfect place for AW23. We launched the new collection in the best way possible, with tartans, bagpipes, a whiskey tasting and lots of Scottish dancing. The highlands gave us so much to work with. Beautiful landscapes, a rich culture and the mysterious monster of Loch Ness. This collection still brings us so much joy!

Dance the office away

So many highlights, but there is still one more amazing thing we did this year that needs to be mentioned. We’re talking about our Christmas dance video of course! With almost 100k views on Instagram and TikTok, we can say this video was quite a success. And this is just the beginning, much more is coming next year…

Thanks for being with us for another year! We love our Stieg community <3