Content Creator Internship


Stieglitz is an Amsterdam based fashion label founded in 2014 by Pien Stieglitz. Every collection is inspired by a different tribe from around the world. In the words of our founder, Pien Stieglitz: ‘I’ve always been impressed by the strong culture that exists within particular tribes. Thinking of ethnic groups, what strikes me most is the strength of the collective. I often think; where do I stand in this world that constantly changes, where you are confronted with new possibilities and choices daily? We hardly know what to do anymore; a world with so many possibilities doesn’t necessarily make us stronger. For this reason, I want to be inspired by what is still present in the world. Our worlds, our ways of life stand so far apart. I therefore wish to combine both worlds in my designs and capture the beauty and simplicity of life, which will be symbolized in my collections. I hope that the Stieglitz tribe will represent, and make one realize, that the power of the tribes is still within us.’


Content creator internship 

As content creator, you will be involved in the marketing and social media department of Stieglitz. You must have a good sense of creative design, a good understanding of online marketing, creative writing and knowledge of Adobe. You will be cooperating in a dynamic atmosphere with a relatively small group of young enthusiastic professionals under supervision of the head of marketing. We offer you a unique opportunity to work out your own  initiative ideas.


Main tasks

  • Create graphic content of for online purposes;
  • See opportunities in online marketing purposes;
  • Creative writing for newsletters, website, social media etc;
  • Collect and create online content/inspiration;
  • Knowledge of MailChimp;


Job Requirements 

  • To be able to guarantee the handwriting of the Stieglitz brand;
  • Commercial but innovative graphic design level;
  • Attention to detail;
  • At least HBO work and thinking level;
  • Extensive knowledge of Adobe Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop;
  • Flexibility and adaptability are a requirement;
  • Knowledge of photography;
  • Independent, but team player;
  • Fashion conscious with its own identity;
  • Fluent Dutch and English in word and writing;
  • Work with deadlines for design that are turned off by production manager;


Are you interested in this position?

  • Mail your CV with photo, portfolio and cover letter via the form below.
  • Put ‘Content creator internship’ as the subject of your email
  • Available for 5-6 months and 3 days a week starting from January/February
  • Send your e-mail to
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