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We're known for our prints: bold, colourful and wild! Every print is hand painted in house in Amsterdam, inspired by people and places from all over the world. The ultimate goal is to give women confidence to stand out from the crowd!

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Our fantasy, your destination. 

A complete ideology, an imaginary world where there are no boundaries, no countries, no divisions. A new dimension, born out of the love for our previous journeys. This time around, we’re travelling to our own surrealistic creation. You’re going to enter a paradise where everything is possible. 

Get ready to look around and to take it all in. Fascinating flowers, pink volcanos, magical mushroom fields and a whole bunch of bad-ass women. Trippy, huh? Close your eyes, take a deep breath and you might experience it for yourself. A sense of ultimate freedom. 

The birth of Stieglitz Island embodies our fantasies and makes way for all those that are yet to come. Now, open your mind and explore!