Stieglitz is an Amsterdam-based womenswear brand founded by Pien Stieglitz.

Having fond memories of her world travels with her journalist mother as a child, Pien found the different places she visited and people she encountered fascinating. Pien takes inspiration from this richness and adds the retro feel and kitsch-ness of the ’70s into the mix to create the brand that is now known as Stieglitz.

Pien founded Stieglitz with a clear vision; “I believe that every woman is her own unique self, with an ancient fire inside her. Sometimes this flame is put out by society or the labels we create. Therefore, I feel that it is our job to restart these engines within. With Stieglitz I want to bring different worlds together and build a community. In this community, our own tribe will be represented by independent, powerful and sexy women.”

Our core value revolves around female empowerment and the representation of the world’s diverse cultural heritage through timeless clothing apparel and accessories. Noticeable from miles away, our designs take pride in their uniqueness and ability to steal the scene.

All of our prints are sketched and hand painted in-house at our studio in Amsterdam. This time and labor intensive task gives our products their intrinsic value. Whereas production takes place in certified factories in Greece, Turkey and China to ensure highest quality standards and fair production.