Stieglitz is an Amsterdam based fashion brand aspiring women to embrace their inner fire, wearing bold statement prints and accessories all year long. The core of our business revolves around women empowerment and the representation of the world’s diverse cultural heritage through timeless clothing apparel and accessories.

Pien Stieglitz founded her brand in 2014 with a clear vision; “I believe that every woman is her own unique self, with an ancient fire inside her. Sometimes this flame is put out by society or the labels we create. Therefore, I feel that it is our job to restart these engines within. With Stieglitz I want to bring different worlds together and build a community. In this community our own tribe will be represented by independent, powerful and sexy women.”

Stieglitz embodies the strong culture of diverse tribes within us. Women in Stieglitz radiate uniqueness, individuality and independence through eclectic prints. We are a brand that aims to stimulate and provoke women to explore worldly adventures, their strength and femininity. Every collection is inspired by a country, culture or tribe. Stieglitz is best known for its iconic flares and distinct prints.

With her brand on the frontline Pien and her team have decided to make women empowerment their mission, the beginning and the end of each and every storyline and collection - Striving to awaken the dormant lioness in every woman.

The garments are designed in our Amsterdam studio with the production taking place in Portugal, Poland, Greece, Bulgaria and India. The aim is to shift 100% of the production to Europe by 2021. The company works closely together with family businesses in these countries to ensure the highest standards and fair production.

Stieglitz is currently only available on and in our Amsterdam showroom.