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Merel Geelen is wearing ‘The Ainu’ Collection available online:


What do you do in your daily life? 

I Am Merel, 20 years old and living in Hilversum. At the moment I am studying at the Academy of Photography ( Fotovakschool Amsterdam), I am also a part-time model at Touché Models.

What are your future plans?

I think it’s very important to do stuff that make you feel a live and make you feel happy. Oh and I want babies, a lot of babies haha.

 What is your experience of Stieglitz?  

I personally see the designs of Stieglitz, as a product that make you feel even more powerful as a female. Extremely beautiful materials, basic colors… Therefor in my eyes the quality rises.

How do you feel in the clothes of Stieglitz? 

I feel very feminine, and at the same time very comfortable in the Black Flare Pants. You can combine it with so many different items, for example on a sunday- evening with some adidas sneakers or with high heels for a night out.

 Every collection is inspired by a tribe somewhere in the world. How would your ideal tribe look like?  

In my ideal world no one needs something from the outside world and we fully live in harmony, where everyone is happy with each other and there’s absolutely no existence of any social pressure, so everyone can be pure and be whoever they feel like being.

Are you a trend setter or trend follower?  

I think I am a bit of both. In my free time I love to scroll and search inspiration on some fashion blogs, but I also enjoy combining my own clothes on a creative way.

What inspires you in life? 

It can be the unexpected things in life.. It can be a word, an emotion, a documentary, or a picture… Stuff or things that instigate you  and give you refreshing new ideas.

Who is your inspiration?  

That’s not just one specific someone… There are a few photographers that inspire me: – Steven Meisel, Anouk Morgen & Erwin Olaf.

 If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be? 

That people realize how incredible good our world is, and we should stop worrying about luxery problems and subordinate to the things that really matter in live. Let’s be a little bit more thoughtful about each other.

If you could be a character from the history for one day, who would it be? 

This is a hard question.. Maybe the person who invented the first photo-camera? I think that must have been such an excitement in that time.

 Which item may not be lack in your bag?  

My Iphone, Elisabeth Arden 8 hour cream & my Komono Sunnies.


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Roos van Rij photographed Merel van Geelen for Stieglitz S/S ’15.

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