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What do you do in your daily life?

I work for Wilma Wakker Model Management as her assistant and modelscout. I am proud to have found some amazing beauties with great personalities like Sanne Vloet, Romy Schonberger and the young Romy Elema.
Next to this I am an art student at De Gerrit Rietveld Academie.
When I am off I fill my time with dancing, playing soccer, painting and spend time with my friends, triplet sisters and my boyfriend.

What’s your future dream ?

My dream is to be happily married with children one day. Twins! A boy for him and a girl for me 🙂
And play hide and seek and do scavenger hunts together. My life motto is: “Never grow up”.
I would love to have a house with a vegetable garden and a swing.
I want to make art; paintings and sculptures. And dance everyday.
Traveling is what I often dream of. I need to see so much more of the world and its beauty and different cultures.
Oh yes, I’m a dreamer… 🙂
Mostly I just hope to stay as positive as I am now and be in love with life forever.

What is your experience of Stieglitz?

If I would described my own style I think it would be something like “crazy sexy cool”.
I love to dress a bit odd, I like sportswear and steal my boyfriends jeans and jumpers. Nevertheless I always keep my style feminine. For me it’s important to feel feminine and comfortable at the same time.
I think Stieglitz perfectly fits to this if you want to label it.

Every collection is inspired by a tribe somewhere in the world. How would your ideal tribe look like?

Multi cultural and multi colourful. No labels. No boxes. No borders. All=One

Are you a trend setter or trend follower?

I work in fashion, so I am definitely inspired and influenced by trends, but I think I mostly follow my own path if it comes to style.

If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?

The excistence of greed! If greedyness wouldn’t excist, there wouldn’t be borders and we would all be citizens of one big country called “Earth”.

If you could be a character from the history for one day, who would it be?

I would love to have a look in the surrealistic mind of Salvador Dalí. His vision of the world must have been outlandish.

 How do you feel in the clothes of Stieglitz?

The clothes fit nicely around my body and let me move comfortably. I feel cool but still very feminine. The fabrics are very soft 🙂 Good quality in clothing is important to me.

 Which item may not be lack in your bag?

I am super in love with the Eska Flare pants. They perfectly fit my small waist and big behind 😉

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Roos van Rij photographed Lucia Adriana Pace for Stieglitz A/W ’15

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