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Lisa is wearing our new collection: ‘The Ainu’ Black Flare & White Blouse :

What do you do in everyday life?

I’m Lisa Buur. In my daily life I’m travelling a lot for my modelling work. The last two years I travelled a lot between the Netherlands and Cape Town ( It’s my second home).

 What is your future dream?

This question had my attention for a long time. What do I want? How do I see my future? What makes me happy? Maybe in the future I want to emigrate. Since I travelled through Cape Town; things changed a lot. In the end it doesn’t matter where you are, as long as you’re doing what makes you happy. And being with the people you love. I see my future together with my beloved ones. Further I don’t have really an idea yet. Every little thing that happens in my life are little pieces that fits each other, like a puzzle. You never know what will happen and what life brings you. The future is one big surprise!

 What is your experience of Stieglitz?

Wauw, beautiful materials! I attach a lot of value on the quality of the materials, like the brand Stieglitz.

 Every collection is inspired by a tribe somewhere in the world. How would your ideal tribe look like?

How nice would it be… If the world wouldn’t exist out of different tribes, countries and cultures…But just one massive fairytale tribe where we’re all equal, without animal cruelty, racism, hunger and violence. Just love and freedom. We cultivate our own food and we can go and stay wherever we want to. Party!

 Are you a trend setter or trend follower?

I think I’m a bit of both.

What are your favorite brands?

I love the style and materials of All Saints. For jeans I’m a big fan of Acne and G-Star, the fitting is perfect! But you can also find me at the H&M and thrift shops in Cape Town.

 Why are these brands attractive and inspiring for you?

What I said before, I really look at the materials and the quality… I want to feel the fabrics!

 If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?


 If you could be a character from the history for one day, who would it be?

Neil Armstrong! How awesome would it be to have been on the moon!?

 How do you feel in the clothes of Stieglitz?

I feel rough & strong and female & elegant at the same time. I just love the materials!

 Which item may not be lack in your bag?

My mom is incredibly creative and ones she made a small leather case for me. There are things in it like my passport, chewing gum, wipes, pen and paper and my lip balm. My mom is now working on her own web shop where she is going to sell her own ‘wood designs’. I’m very proud of her and it’s highly recommended to keep an eye on. You can know follow her on:

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Roos van Rij photographed Lisa Buur for Stieglitz S/S ’15.

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