Esperia x Stieglitz

This time we photographed beautiful girl Esperia. Half Dutch and half Indonesian. We drove with the coolest car ever, named the ”Lada”, to an empty terrain in Amsterdam North. Check out the photos and the little interview we did with Esperia.

– Why did you decided to do this shoot for Stieglitz?
I’m usually not that fond of modelling, but I am a real fan of the photography style of Fauve, who shoots most of the Stieglitz photo’s, and I love the Stieglitz clothing.. so it was a very quick decision to make when they asked me!

– What do you think about the location of the shoot?
Really cool! It’s just raw and simple and the car made me feel very though, haha..

– How does your personal style meets Stieglitz?
It’s matches so good: my own style is quite boyish but with a bit of girlie now and then. And my clothes really need to fit comfortable. I think Stieglitz has the same balance between boyish yet still elegant, and I actually own quite a lot of the Stieglitz collection already 🙂

– What is your favorite piece of the SS16 collection?
Definitely the Loiza white dress I wore with the shoot! It makes your look very special and it fits super comfy. And the Violca Bomber is my favorite summer jacket!

– Why should girls wear Stieglitz?
Well, like I said: Stieglitz has the perfect combination between boyish and elegant!


Esperia photographed in the SS16 ”Roma” collection by Fauve Bouwman.

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