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Interview with Dutch influencer Anna Nooshin for Stieglitz; It-Girl from Amsterdam with a huge passion for fashion: She in charge of her own online magazine ( NSMBL), she wrote her very own  book : On Top, it’s a book/ inspiration guide full of humor, self-deprecation and familiar situations. She is working with the biggest brands around the world, as in Chanel to Nike and much more, she travels around the globe for her work. In this book she shares how to become the best version of yourself. Besides all her success, she is a pure woman and very kind and that’s something we appreciate at Stieglitz. It was a joyful day shooting and talking to her:

1. Anna, what makes you a good/ successful fashion- blogger? I always try to stay true to my own vision and not follow the flow of most bloggers/vloggers. I think it’s important to trust your gut feeling and not apologize. Also, I’ve always been a great advocate for standing up for your own financial rights and I know what my work is worth, so I try to stay away from the whole ‘free work’ thing . 

2. How often do you regret something you have posted? 1 out of 20 probably. 

3. Do you have to keep a certain distance from the industry in order to keep that perspective? Not really. Since I’m so impulsive it means that sometimes you just fuck up and do something you wish you hadn’t. It happens, and people always forget about it. It’s not the end of the world. 

4. Now a days most people share a glorified version of their lives online through channels like Facebook, Twitter and instagram. Do you do that with your blog as well? Sure, I wrote a whole book on this concept. I like it though, I think that Instagram is a place to share your beautiful pictures so I don’t feel the need to post shitty ones. On YouTube on the other hand I am very honest and show my true colors every day. 

5. How do you see the future of blogs developing? I think It’ll turn more and more into story telling and personality driven platforms. People want other people to tell them stories and to show them their voice. 

6. What do you miss now a days? Having no commitments. 

7. Could you live without the internet?  God yes. And I crave for it too. But probably a month max. 

8. If you could have your own tribe, how would that tribe look? and why? What would the definition of a tribe be exactly? 🙂 

10. If you could chose any year you could live in, which year would it be? 1920, but only if I were upper class. 

11. Could you tell us what you were experiencing; while wearing Stieglitz designs? Cold because of the water and major feelings of I WANT IT ALL 

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