Stieglitz was founded in 2014 by Pien Stieglitz. “I often think; where do I stand in this world that constantly changes and where you are confronted with new possibilities and choices daily? We hardly know what to do any more; a world with so many possibilities doesn’t necessarily make us stronger. For this reason, I want to be inspired by what is still present in the world. Our worlds, our ways of life stand so far apart. I therefore wish to combine both worlds in my designs and capture the beauty and simplicity of life, which will be symbolized in my collections.”

Stieglitz is best known of its iconic flares and eclectic prints. The clothing is designed in our studio in Amsterdam and produced in countries such as Poland, Bulgaria, Greece, India and China. Stieglitz is currently only available on but you can spot people wearing our pieces worldwide.


“ Be a free minded woman and share your Stieglitz experience. Realise that the strong culture of tribes is still within us .”

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